About Us:

Sunflower Food Company Inc. was established in 2013,  and is based in Lenexa, Kansas. We are the home of the original chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  We call them Sunny Seeds®!  This chocolate covered sunflower seed with colorful candy coating makes the perfect nutritious snack.  We also have an all-natural version without artificial colors or additives.  From our everyday Sunny Seeds ® to our unique seasonal, custom packaging and color mixtures, we have something for you. Using the bright, familiar, and easily recognizable sunflower as inspiration, we have created many outstanding products.

If nuts are your thing, try our all-natural Cashews and Peanuts,  They’re toasted instead of roasted and made with wholesome butter and honey.  They will be your favorite! Our Kansas-grown Farmer’s Popcorn Cob is all-natural, GMO-free, and pops up healthy and delicious right off the cob.

We also provide several varieties of savory, crunchy snack mixes.  The Original Jack’snak™ contains honey toasted peanuts and salty-sweet honey sesame sticks.  Our Oriental Party Mix is better than any version out there.  We have perfected the mixture with honey peanuts, chili crescents, cheddar guppy crackers, wasabi peas, and a festive blend of rice cracker shapes and flavors. 

Don’t forget about our Chocolate Rock Collection. Made with milk chocolate center and realistic shapes and colors, you’ll think they came right out of the ground.  At Sunflower Food Company quality, uniqueness, and market appeal are the foundation of our success. Thanks to our customers we are like the sunflower: we continue to grow and grow and grow until we can almost reach the sky.