GINGER CHEWS – MANGO (5.08 OZ BAG) (Pack of 2)

GINGER CHEWS – MANGO (5.08 OZ BAG) (Pack of 2)

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GINGER CANDY – MANGO (5.08oz bag)

Ginger Chews are deliciously sweet and soothing candies crafted with 100% real ginger.

Known for its numerous health benefits around the world, ginger is prized as a simple and
flavorful way to promote digestive health and soothe the senses.

❑ Crafted with 100% real ginger
❑ Sweet, spicy & soothing candies
❑ Delicately infused with natural flavor
❑ No preservatives
❑ No high fructose corn syrup

Made with no artificial ingredients or high fructose syrup, Bali’s Best Ginger Chews are individually wrapped for an easy and tasty way to enjoy the health promoting benefits of ginger on the go.

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